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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's time to say GOOD BYE~~

wow~ this 6 month has been a blast for me, coz without me knowing it, i got the talent n effort to produce such a cute cuppies for all the cupcake lovers out there~

pertama skali, sy nk ucapkan trime kaseh byk2 kpd semue customer yg telah mengoder cupcakes dgn sy utk meraikan hari gembire anda semua.. im glad that my cupcakes has cheer ur important day~

kalau ikutkan ati, mmg syg nk lepaskan bisnes yg start tanpa diduga from the last 6 month, tp apekan daya.. ada perkara yg harus didahulukan demi kepentingan masa hadapan sy~ so, wish me gudluck in my future life!!

ermmm~ xtau mcm mane nk akhirkan mende ni, terlalu sedey sbb terlalu byk pengalaman dan new experience yg sy dpt thru this whole learning process~ but thnx to u all, coz u have giving me oppportunities to learn n try new things that i never done b4! kalau nk sbt satu2 name customer sy, mmg sy x larat, tapi sy yakin anda tau siape anda, n for u all... TQ AGAIN! N AGAIN!

n for that, i Atirah binti Salim a.k.a elle announce that ELLE'S CUPPIES IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING~

but don forget to update with elle's cuppies, coz who noe, magic can happen in the blink of an eye~ orite then, thats all from me.. mane terkurang sy mintak maaf, mane terlebey, itu rezki anda~ TQ n BABAI~~

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